Kids must be leashed at all times! Wait..that's not right. In all seriousness, Linesider is happy to be a family friendly establishment. We don't feel breweries are a "bar" atmosphere as some may believe but we also believe that that doesn't mean a free for all environment. Everyone wants to come to Linesider and enjoy a nice cold beer as they should, but please be respectful to others around you. If there isn't a slide and swings then it's probably not a playground. We ask that children do not run around the brewery. Please respect the other customers and supervise your children at all times and keep them within range of your party.


Dogs on a leash? Yes! That sounds better... Linesider loves our furry little friends and even has treats and water dishes for them, but because of East Greenwich Town Law dogs (and yes cats too) are only allowed in our outdoor courtyard unless you acquire a service animal. Dogs must remain leashed and well behaved. Please be respectful of other parties with dogs. If they're making angry noises they may not be too happy with each other! Our courtyard is big enough to be separated if needed. You may not know this either, but grassy areas around the brewery are also available for seating as well! Please remember to clean up after your party as we don't want our landlords getting upset with us!

No dogs are allowed in any commercial establishment within the Town during the time such commercial establishment is open to the public or in any eating place within the Town at any time. Guide, hearing and service dogs are excluded from this section.

East Greenwich Town Law: 23-16 Dogs in Commercial Establishments and eating places prohibited


I mean. Cmon...

We are only licensed to serve beer manufactured at the brewery. It's pretty easy to see when something is "not like the others". Outside ALCOHOLIC beverages are absolutely not allowed in our brewery. ALSO, to-go containers (cans and howlers) can not be opened on premise per state law. "But what about festivals where you sell cans!?" This is different because we are serving them to you and still monitoring your consumption rates. We can not do this if you crack open a tall boy in the back corner.


Outside food is always allowed. But we do love all our food trucks that come in and have solid relationships with them. They're making a living too! We can't force you to eat from them but know that there will always be a food option on days we are open unless there are last minute cancellations and we can't fill the date. At that time announcements will be made in case anyone was planning their visit around the food option.